How Does Red Teaming Improve Your Cybersecurity

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Run Threat Simulation

Rigorously test your organisation's security with techniques from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and State-Sponsored attackers.

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Evaluate Defense

Strategic testing to enhance your organisation's ability to detect and prepare for breaches.

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Find Abused Application

Uncover hidden risks and weaknesses in your web applications that scanners may overlook.

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Analyse the Dark Web

Identify information which has been exposed and breached on the web.

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Use Kill Chain Tactics

Proactively fortify your system by employing attacker-inspired tactics for rigorous testing

CelcomDigi Business | Malaysia's No. 1 network

Test Security Resilience

Test your organisation's security systems and policies to ensure they can handle attacks and keep your passwords safe.

Why Cyber Red Teaming is Better

Postpaid plans

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24 months offer
Postpaid rebate (RM)
24 months offer
Total Fibre price (RM)
Traditional Penetration Testing
Cyber Red Teaming
Identify and exploit weaknesses in your company's computer system.
Find and exploit the target by focusing  on weaknesses, based on specific goals.
The test target are preset.
Test targets are flexible and spread  across multiple domains.
Employees are informed of the test time and target
Notices are intentionally withheld to assess the business's ability to react and responds to attack during the test.
The target system are tested independently
Physical and digital systems are tested simultaneously across multiple domains

How Long Will the Cyber Red Teaming Process Take?

Cyber Red Teaming services should not take more than six weeks and it involves five steps:

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