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With combined strengths, insights and knowledge, our 4,000 industry experts are dedicated to help you achieve your business goals, no matter what enterprise sizes you are. We work relentlessly and prioritise your business needs, at all times because your success, is our business.

CelcomDigi Business | Wide range of solutions

Lead & innovate with 5G

​Being a pioneer in 5G powered solutions, we lead by driving the industry forward with our collective strength of enterprise partners and a reliable ecosystem.​

CelcomDigi Business | Wide range of solutions

Wide range of solutions​

Choose from our wide range of purpose-built solutions to help you reach  your goals, no matter the size of your business.

CelcomDigi Business | Integrated industry experience

Integrated industry experience

​Grow your business strategically with the learnings and expertise of our combined industry experience.

CelcomDigi Business | Reinforced nationwide support

Reinforced nationwide support

More than 4,000 industry experts nationwide and a wide footprint of retail touchpoints to provide you access to unparalleled support at all times.

CelcomDigi Business | Malaysia's No. 1 network

Malaysia's No.1 network

Ensure your business needs are met consistently, through Malaysia’s widest, largest and fastest network.

CelcomDigi Business | Mobile


Provide stable connectivity anytime, anywhere​

CelcomDigi Business | Fixed


Deliver high performance and reliable connectivity enabling IR 4.0​​

CelcomDigi Business | IoT


Transform machines into smarter assets to enhance productivity and efficiency

CelcomDigi Business | Cloud


Transform data governance with advanced cloud computing

CelcomDigi Business | Cybersecurity


Defend against cyber threats on your data and intellectual property​

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CelcomDigi Business | Business solutions | Smart Fleet Management

Smart Agriculture

Increase your yield while reducing operational challenges with 5G-powered Smart Agriculture solutions.

  • To track the growth of farm crops and livestock, use smart sensors and precision monitoring.
  • The platform's real-time data collection and smart algorithm enable it to determine accurate and necessary treatment, all powered by IOT.
  • With a fully connected system, you can automate farm operations.
CelcomDigi Business | Business solutions | Smart Agriculture

Smart Fleet Management

With 5G, managing your fleet has become easier and more cost efficient.

  • GPS and satellite tracking provide real-time information about driver behaviour, fuel consumption, and mileage.
  • Fleet tracking is simplified by Plug & Play or Wired Integration.
  • Geo-fencing route optimization saves time and money.
  • 5G Enabled Vehicle Diagnostics provides precise predictive maintenance.
CelcomDigi Business | Business solutions | Smart surveillance

Smart Surveillance

Connected through 5G, remotely monitor the safety of your surroundings 24/7  to ensure your vicinity is safe and secure.

  • For criminal detection, surveillance cameras are fully equipped with clear facial recognition.
  • Enhanced geo-fencing of moving vehicles and humans, enabling seamless passenger counting.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications enable issues to be resolved quickly.
CelcomDigi Business | Business solutions | Smart Road

Smart Road

Make Malaysians’ journey smoother with 5G-powered smart roads.

  • Drone surveillance enables authorities to be more efficient on road maintenance and reduces accidents by detecting road defects such as potholes.
  • Reduced reliance on manual reporting by road authorities or on-road drivers, as all defects can now be reported via online platforms.​
CelcomDigi Business | Business solutions | Smart Port

Smart Port

Run your port with 5G-powered innovations and tools that provide better visibility into all aspects of operations.

  • With 5G, you can manage your port operations remotely from a safe distance, with ultra-low latency and ultra-fast speeds.
  • By detecting security breaches faster, real-time AI surveillance keeps the port grounds safe and secure.
  • With seamless cross-device communication, you can achieve total connectivity.
CelcomDigi Business | Business solutions | Smart City

Smart City

Experience better living in a 5G-powered city. The advantages of smart city living, where urban life meets peace of mind, can be enjoyed.

  • On a daily basis, AI sensors provide real-time traffic updates, resulting in smarter traffic management.
  • With integrated connectivity in all modes of transportation, you can stay connected on the road.
  • Waste management is incredibly efficient; all garbage is taken away on time as bins are tagged with location tracking and fill level of bins.

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