CelcomDigi business | E
Fixed wireless Access 5G

CelcomDigi 5G business WiFi ​brings you 5G speeds to your workspace​

Elevate your business productivity with 5G speeds and low latency connectivity at just RM149/mth

CelcomDigi Business | Need and Alternative Option to Fibre​

Need Alternative Option to Fibre​

Our wireless solution ensures reliable internet access when traditional fibre connections are unavailable

CelcomDigi Business | Need Additional Connectivity

Need Additional Connectivity

Get additional fibre-like connection to your office.

CelcomDigi Business | Work Remotely

Work Remotely

Businesses in shared office spaces or with remote teams can enjoy separate access to essential online resources

Get unlimited Internet for your business with CelcomDigi 5G Business WiFi

5G Business WiFi
per month
What's included:
Plan & Router
Dual band 4G/5G premium router
24 months contract
5G Business WiFi
per month
What's included:
Plan Only
Dual band 4G/5G premium router
No Contract

Pair with

Mobile Security
Mobile Device
Productivity Tools
CelcomDigi Business | Business solutions | Smart Fleet Management

Hassle-Free Connectivity

Enjoy fast and reliable connections without the limitations of traditional fibre connections and ports.

CelcomDigi Business | Business solutions | Smart Agriculture

Plug & Play Convenience

No complicated installations required. Unbox and get connected instantly.

CelcomDigi Business | Business solutions | Smart surveillance

Dual-Mode 5G/4G Modem

Seamlessly switch between 4G or 5G for consistent connectivity.

CelcomDigi Business | Business solutions | Smart City

Fibre-Like Consistency

Get instant fibre-like consistency that support your business needs effectively, keeping you productive and connected at all times

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What is CelcomDigi 5G business WiFi Touch ‘n Go Campaign?
What is the campaign period?
Who is eligible to join this campaign?
What are the benefits for customers from participating in this campaign?
How would the customers know whether they are eligible to participate in this campaign?

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